Lethbridge Shakespeare Performance Society


in the Park

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A Little About Us

Where It All Began

The Lethbridge Shakespeare Performance Society (L.S.P.S.) was established in 2012 following the success of the summer production of “A Midsummer Night's Dream”; which, was seen by thousands of Lethbridge residents – crowds of 300 per night flocked into Downtown for our first performance series. The level of support and response was amazing – provoking us to form our society in an effort to provide better ways of serving our community through theatre.

What We're All About

L.S.P.S.'s main focus is the production of Shakespeare in the Park - a production made possible by local volunteers, dedicated actors, and generous community organizations; whether, they are long-time Shakespeare fans or curious newcomers. We are proud to provide a culturally enriching experience in our Downtown core at no cost to you and hope bringing our production to Galt Gardens exposes a whole new group to the beauty and excitement of live theatre.

Why We Do What We Do

L.S.P.S. seeks to inspire interaction across all cultures and communities, while also achieving a culturally enriching activity for all ages to enjoy. In doing so we hope to provide a safe and family fun way to enjoy theatre, as well as, the beautiful summer weather. We aspire to continue providing performances further engaging a new generation of theatre-goers in Lethbridge.

We Sincerely Thank You

While it may seem obvious, it is important for us to recognize the group of theatre supporters whom have come out repeatedly to make our events a success. The passion of this group has been nothing short of inspiring. We would also like to thank the various patrons whom have helped to financially support our theatre group; without you these productions would not be possible. You are truly a dedicated and faithful audience and we humbly thank you for your support.